About Numeni

Divine Champagne


67 yr old recipe

Made by friends and family

Artisan wine / Global footprint

Blessed by public leaders

Exclusive events

The Numeni Story


Numeni was founded by Pamela Hongsakul, Leadership and Media Advisor to public leaders.



For years, Pamela's clients came by word of mouth, upon hearing about her transformative processes. She had quick successes with both political and business leaders. Eventually, Pamela decided to create a brand to define and deliver her method to a global audience. Upon prayer and meditation, the word appeared - "Numen" - the Latin term for something with the presence of the divine.


The idea to create a Numeni champagne, began with the question: what do the leaders of every country, every field, appreciate? A chance to meet each other over drinks and chat about things that matter. An opportunity to change the world. Fun and friends. Creative inspiration.

Champagne Numeni is an artisan wine birthed by hand by friends and family at the heart of the champagne region near Reims, France, in a petite village called Rilly La Montagne. Our grapes are rated Premier Cru, and are so fine that large batches are purchased yearly by Champagne Bollinger.


Our champagne maker is Thierry Bardoux. The Bardoux family has produced champagne since 1950. Bottling and harvest teams are primarily Bardoux friends and family from Rilly La Montagne and surrounding areas.


Each bunch of grapes is picked by hand and placed in individual baskets which are then delivered to the processing center by Thierry, the proud and sensitive winemaker who mixes every batch of champagne according to his own up-to-the-moment calculations. Underlying Thierry's expertise is 25 years of personal experience, and 67 years of Bardoux family tradition and secret recipes.


Because of the personal nature of this traditional champagne making process, each bottle contains quality craftsman wine. In addition, every Numeni bottle has special heart and soul. The love and labour during the physical growing, pruning, harvesting, and bottling processes - is supported by thoughtful leaders who lend their sweet inspiration during visits to the champagne house and vineyards, and during participation at powerful Champagne Numeni leadership events worldwide.


Each year, Numeni events are held in Thailand, Cambodia, Central African Republic, France, and the United States of America, etc. These gatherings provide learning and networking opportunities to diverse leaders, enabling them to make an impact on the world. And at the base of these fun and fulfilling experiences, is divine champagne blessed by everyone present.


Numeni is available for distribution in France, Germany, Thailand, Cambodia, Central African Republic, Kenya, and the United States of America. Contact us for partnerships and individual sales for special events. We specialise in gala dinners for political and business leaders, and we draw upon the creative community for inspiration. Love is the muse, peace and prosperity is the goal.


Every Numeni bottle purchased, supports global leadership development. And we have a special focus on nurturing the next generation of leaders.

​Our special champagne is much more than fine taste, far greater than glitz and glamour. Numeni clients are leaders in every field, who drink Numeni to be a part of something divine.


Join the circle.